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safety & precautions

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our Guests and Team Members. At Good Vybe's we’ve put additional measures in place to ensure your salon experience remains safe.

At Good Vybe'
s we take pride in our Team Members’ and our Guests’ well-being and safety. We’ve put additional measures in place including adjusting our service to limit the interactions our guests may have with our team members and equipping each team member with masks. We continue to re-enforce, through enhanced training, proper hand washing techniques and sanitation practices, and will continue to follow local and state guidelines.


For the comfort of all Clients, no additional guest will be allowed inside our establishment. We ask all Clients to do their part and stay 6 feet apart, and avoid shaking hands and close personal contact with other Clients and our Team.


We continue to follow the rigorous cleaning and salon safety standards Good Vybe’s is known for, and have made additional enhancements developed in consultation with a team of experts. This includes frequent cleaning of high-touched surfaces and areas and ensuring each table has been personally sanitized for your comfort.

We are dedicated to ensuring our salon remains a safe and comfortable place for you enjoy warm hospitality and professional hair care. In trying times, our founder, Tanisha Brimley, always put her commitment to caring for the health and well-being of our communities first, something we are still proud to sustain 10 years later.


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