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Shampoo Technician

As a Shampoo Technician, your responsibilities will be: Greeting clients when they enter the salon, catering to clients while they are in the salon, and monitoring clients while they are under the dryer. In addition, you will be responsible for emptying the trash and helping with cleaning. You should have experience shampooing and providing hair care support.

Stylist Assistant

As a Stylist Assistant, your responsibilities will be: running errands as needed, assisting with stylist needs, promoting shop and services on social media (Facebook/Instagram, and answering rescheduling and booking questions. You should have experience with troubleshooting and problem Solving.

Assistant Stylist

As an Assistant Stylist, You will need to be a newly licensed or experienced stylist who is open to learning, receiving constructive criticism or praise in order to become a great stylist. In addition, you should be a people person, have good customer service skills, be a team player and exhibit time management skills. You will need to be available Wednesday through Saturday and will need to audition for this role.

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